Monthly Archives: January 2018

This is a heads up to let you all know, that DV’s M.U.G.E.N Works will undergo site wide maintenance, after there being some instability after the last server update, and some files have gone missing. There is a good chance that the server will appear to be down during that time. So please do not be alarmed if some of you may be able to access the site, but others may not. That will be maintenance in progress.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Happy New Year!

We’re gonna start off right, with a previously unreleased stage. This was only seen in one shot, from my City Lights Anniversary series, in the form of a still shot. Meet “Bayside Lounge”

You can get it on “Page 3” of the WinMugen++ Retro Stages page in the toolbar above. My focus will be quality stages from here on out, so this will be the last “non-quality” stage release of this type. I’ve celebrated 10 years of stage making, so I should be doing much better in the quality department. Hopefully…