Daily Archives: September 4, 2014

I want to personally say thanks to everyone who’s come to my humble site over the years (and many iterations), to download my works and wares. I’m coming up on 50 stages being released overall. So at some point, I want to do some Super Muscle bomber (Saturday Night Slam Masters) stages at some point. I’ve notice a good number of characters from that franchise have been released. So why not stages from that game as well, right?

So, with that being said, and moving forward, when I create a stage, I will put side by side, an image of the source material next to it on the front page. This way, I do not get any complaints about something being an off color. A prime example of this, is the Skyline Stage. The stage is based off of & comes from Super World Stadium 92/93, which is a Namco Sports Arcade game. When creating that stage, I created it from a single still image, captured from that very game. Which was posted on my site a few months prior to the release of the Skyline stage.

I read at a few places, that the water did not look “natural”, and looking like “piss water”. I’m not complaining about such a thing, because that is too trivial to complain about. Just know that I know what was said, when it was said.

In any case, I hope to soon get to making the stages from Saturday Night Slam Masters, and Slam Masters 2, hopefully, without much negative reception.