I’m taking a break from ┬ádoing stages, to also get into restarting my mod for Streets of Rage Remake called “Street Survivors”. If you have Streets of Rage Remake, then why don’t you give my 5 year old demo a try? Why is it 5 years old you ask? Because I got busy with developing stages for the M.U.G.E.N Engine, and forgot I even had this mod in development.

I feel that it has way more potential than it shows, and at some point, I will get back into it. I’m planning on taking it back to the drawing board. I don’t feel satisfied with how it went, despite having two paths, complete with separate bosses in each. As well as a near fully working stage 2.

So, if you want to try it, click on “SORR Mods” at the top, and give it a try.

I understand that there are some people, who want to see me release a 1.1 ready stage, complete with the zoom feature. And I’ll get to that. And I do understand that there are some who don’t want to wait, and will rather do it themselves.

That is all fine and good, but if you are just adding a few extra lines of coding, then I don’t see much harm in telling me this. It’s not like I’m inactive, I’m still active, just on a break from doing so. I wanted to make my very first 1.1 ready stage, on my own terms. It will be some time, before I achieve that.