Category: Site News & Updates

This stage is LONG overdue for a release (I blame life), but it is here. And as my promise to SaltyBet, and it’s denizens, their official second stage is being released here.


You all know the drill by now, go and grab it today!

Top Menu – Winmugen ++ Stages (Retro) section.

Also, by personal request, Duane is back in the hosted section. Since I cannot seem to contact Captainowl, I do not have the updated version, nor does anyone else have it. So the first version will be here, until stated otherwise.

Here’s a video, for those who want to view before downloading.


As stated in the header, the tutorials section is now an official Work In Progress. There is a LOT of things that I need to cover, so over time, you will slowly see the information get added in, as well as the necessary images & follow-ups, for aiding you in the stage of your dreams.

Site maintenance has also completed, as well as the site has been further optimized to show more speed increases & stability.

At some point in time today, there will be scheduled maintenance to my site, that I will be making. It will make things easier to get all of my stages, as well as attempt to separate them into proper pages. When the site goes down, I will leave a status message stating it as such. It shouldn’t take long once I start.