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Happy New Year!

We’re gonna start off right, with a previously unreleased stage. This was only seen in one shot, from my City Lights Anniversary series, in the form of a still shot. Meet “Bayside Lounge”

You can get it on “Page 3” of the WinMugen++ Retro Stages page in the toolbar above. My focus will be quality stages from here on out, so this will be the last “non-quality” stage release of this type. I’ve celebrated 10 years of stage making, so I should be doing much better in the quality department. Hopefully…

The stage that was released on 12/7/2017, has been updated on 12/8/2017

Known Changes:
1. Downscaled City Layers from 2:1 to 1:1. Slightly upscaled Mountain to compensate for it.

2. Readjusted Aurora Skyline, to make it appear more visible when scrolling up from a Super Jump. Bottom of said Aurora Skyline appears to be cut off when it animates. This is an issue from it’s original ripped source.

3. Added a Curb at the bottom of the fence on the main floor, so ground and fence appear to connect properly.

4. Adjusted Foreground Fence on the left side of the stage, by slightly moving it upwards, as it did not match the rest of the fence to the Right

5. Removed the Tiled option in city layers. As well as slightly adjusted the right foreground fence, to touch the edge on the right side of the playing field.

6. Adjusted boundhigh from -225 to -200, to compensate for lowering the Aurora Skyline

Thanks to O Ilusionista for asking about the initial buildings, and taking notice of their odd scaling.

Grab the update today!
Top Menu > WinMugen++ Stages (Retro) > Page 3