Monthly Archives: June 2017

You are reading this correctly. My page, as of 6/23/2017, has been taken down, and terminated. Due to something in the ToS, that Google has claimed I violated. For those who know me, my stage making, and my videos in general, I have not once, in the near 11 years I’ve been on Youtube, and for as long as I have made stages for you all to enjoy, did anything to go against the ToS. They claim it’s for spamming, but since when do I do that? I hardly have time to make stages, let alone enough videos.

So, for the time being, I’m unable to post anything on it, until it’s up and running again. I use YouTube as an outlet, to put word out on my releases. And that has built up what I’ve worked hard, for so many years. This has disappointed me, to no end, and until the appeal for my channel comes back with a resolution being solved, all stage creation is at a standstill. I have an account on another video website, but will only post those details, depending on whether or not my main YouTube channel comes back. If it is not reinstated, and the appeal fails, I will not be creating another account on YouTube, and will just move on.

I apologize if this post was not in regards to a new stage, but this hurts my heart.