Where are the new stages MAN!?!?

You’re wondering what is taking me so long, in releasing the next set of stages. First thing’s first, Fallout 4, and Elder Scrolls Online is occupying a LOT of my time. That, and I need time to get my mind ready for the Anniversary Episodes of City Lights. Part 1 of 3, has been in production for well over a year now, and that is taking more priority than anything at this point. I’m getting assistance from fellow M.U.G.E.N Story video maker BAL22, to aid me in getting Part 1 of 3 released.

So, what does this mean for any future stages? It means ALL STAGE RELEASES that are in the process of being done, as well as the remaining tutorials that are long overdue, are on hiatus, until I at least release the first of 3 parts to City Lights: Anniversary.

I apologize in advance.

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